Do you “love what you do” or do you “do what you love”?

Can you tell any difference? Whatever you think is the answer, let us explain what we think about this.

When you say that you “love what you do”, it may imply you have had to learn to love what you have already been doing in the first place. It means that we can learn to love almost anything we do.

Often in life, we start doing things, even though we don’t necessarily love to do them. Imagine you start cleaning the dishes at a restaurant. First, you start doing it. Next, you get a little bored. Then, you get used to it. Now, you try to break the routine and explore new ways to clean the dishes, find new techniques. Luckily you get better at cleaning the dishes until you’re good enough and get to have fun. At this point you’ve learned to love what you do, what you were told to do. However, there’s no guarantee that you will, at some point, get to fall in love with everything you try to do. There’s not even guarantee that you will want to keep doing it anymore. You may give up before you learn to love it. That’s a risk we all take when we do things we don’t love.

But hey! That’s not completely bad. Actually, it’s a healthy way to learn different things, meet different people, explore the world, experience life. It is also an opportunity to learn to be more honest with ourselves, learn what we don’t like and keep finding our truth. So don’t worry, we all been there.

Now, what happens then when you say you “do what you love”? Well, in this case, it implies that you used to love something even before you learned to do it. And that’s exactly the point here. It is no the same learning process. When you learn with love, love becomes your drive, love makes you constant, loves makes you push harder, makes you keep trying, makes you give everything you got until you achieve your goal and you learn to do that what you heart desire. At that point you become someone who does what they love.

In Lucenta Solutions’ case… well, we feel blessed. We can say we do what we love, because love made us work hard to be able to know and do everything we know and do today. We also can say we love what we do because we get to appreciate what we do, a little bit more, every single day. We still hungry for more knowledge and more work.

In Lucenta Solutions we compromise in building and sharing our vision and passion with the world, helping other companies that are doing what they love to keep loving what they do. In order to do so, our team is formed for expert engineers willing to work in web, app design and development, system integrations and many other areas.

Lucenta Solutions takes care in providing every client with the services and consulting they need to fulfill their requirements and needs. As an outsourced we take pride in working side-by-side with our clients, learning and teaching everything we can to make the most out of the experience and, again... to keep doing what we love and loving what we do.

How We Work

Each completed project makes us even more hungry, hungry for more designs, more code and at least some more twinkies. As a result we deliver a better web experience.

Business Requirement Analysis

Exception application is really a dream of someone who is thinking as like an entrepreneur. So our team really focus on what you need and start defining requirements. We’ll carefully discuss with you about your idea and your goals. We want to cover all the aspects you know and want at this point.

Planning and Design the system

Once the requirements identified and we’ve learned what you need, it’s time to start planning how we are going to make it happen. As a friendly and easy to use interface is necessary to every application success. Once the things get approved, we’ll make sure the application functionality is working as expected.

Development and Testing

Once the requirement and design is finalized, it is good to start implementing the idea. At this stage our team will start writing code for innovative idea. Our team know how to develop apps. They understand that they are coding some one dream application, which might change the future. That’s why our team will be in touch with you on a daily basis, so you’re confident we’re meeting your goals.

Launch and maintenance

Once the development and testing is finished and you are satisfied with the application then we make it live. We know after the release you may require some support as well then we’ll be there to assist you to ensure that everything is running smoothly and without any glitches.

Our Team

Bajarang Agarwal

Founder and System Architect

I am having more than 12 year experience in product development.

Deepika Sharma

Podio Lead

Why Lucenta Solutions ?

Skills and Expertise

Our team knows what need to be done and they are the best at what they do. Our team is having couple of years experience in their areas. Our team implements innovative solutions while using the latest technologies in order to achieve client’s satisfaction.

Understanding your business goals

We’ll carefully discuss with you about your idea and your goals. We want to cover all the aspects you know and want at this point. We want to keep the project cost within the limits of budget.

Broad experience

Our team knows the pros/cons of latest technologies and conventional stuff so they pick the best technologies which meets with your requirements. Our team can get into your project quickly, adapt to your practices, or follow your guidelines.

Agile process

We believe in agile and follow it. We provide regular updates on progress, so you can check the things and make sure the project is going in the right direction as you thought. Our main goal is to deliver an app which is exactly the one you expected.


We want to build satisfaction to our clients. Every good client always bring or refer other clients to us, so we work hard to gain another satisfied customer. We have previous clients and hope you’ll stay with us for years, just as them.