Taking Education and E-learning to the Next Level

Education faces several challenges, and none is smaller than the other. We are committed to bringing up relevant learning solutions with a team that has all the required expertise in providing smart, carefully crafted solutions and opening a network that offers quality education to millions of people anywhere on several devices. Our primary goal is to provide an outstanding learning experience by integrating education systems and methods with the latest technology and the right personnel.

We understand the challenges the education sector faces globally and as a result, strive to deliver an engaging and interactive network tailored with one of a kind learning experience. We've also pointed out a few solutions to help make what we do easier. We'll take a look at some of the issues arising from the education sector and particularly e-learning and what we are doing to solve the problems.

Major issues affecting the education industry

Education faces several challenges that stand in between offering better opportunities to studies. Whichever way you look at it, there will always be barriers that get in the way. Also, with e-learning being the latest trend in education, it faces several challenges for both the students and instructors. The following are some issues that need to be solved by coming up with the right initiatives for the student's future benefits;

Computer literacy

It's only fair to say that most students these days are tech savvy and most can manage computers well, but lack of computer literacy among most students is still a significant challenge. In as much as many are familiar with how to operate computers, you find many cannot run basic programs such as Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint among others and therefore cannot handle their files. You also find many students experiencing difficulties in fixing fundamental computer problems due to lack of knowledge in that area. As a result, it becomes a massive challenge for them to manage their assignments and courseware in an organized manner without having to struggle.

Time management

Managing time is not only a challenge to e-learners but most students. However, e-learning requires a lot of time and intensive work. Also, most of the time, you find that people taking these online courses are adults due to its time flexibility and place convenience. However, most of them don't have the time to take the sessions since they have other commitments to attend to. Time management is a real challenge, but also one that e-learners can address. A regular schedule planner would be resourceful as the students can set reminders for their courses and assignment so that nothing passes them by.

Struggling with adaptability

We live in a society that is already accustomed to traditional classrooms as well as face to face instructor training. Now switching to computer-based training where everything happens in a virtual classroom takes everything to a whole new level that provides an entirely different learning experience for the students. Students tend to have difficulties adapting to the online learning environment not because they don't want to but because that's not what they are used to. Computer-based education requires online discussions as well as creating a web page. One has to be on their toes and following every small detail. Now adapting to that change is always a significant challenge for students. However, they need to understand these are the new learning circumstances and have an open mind as they embrace them.


When pursuing e-learning, self-motivation is an essential requirement, but most students always seem to lack it. What happens is that most learners enroll in distance learning courses then somewhere along the way they fall behind and slowly start giving up. Also, with difficulties in handling a technological medium, many students fail to keep up and end up withdrawing from the course. E-learning is a new educational trend, and students ought to find the right motivation as well as be adequately equipped to face different challenges that there education and career might present along the way. Giving up is never the solution.


Despite so many innovations, technology remains a hot topic. When it comes to e-learning, it's not every student that is on par with the latest trends in technology. In as much as you'll find some learners that use it flawlessly every day, others have no idea on how to go about tech. It becomes a real challenge since e-learning is all about tech. To access the courses, the student ought to have the right devices and know how to use them. Unfortunately, with e-learning embracing people from all walks of life is not all of them that will fancy using an iPad, Smartphone, MacBook, or a laptop with ease. It remains a challenge, but with technology taking over, you can't help but think it's only for a matter of time now before learners become accustomed to this new trend.

Technical hitches

Most of the time, you find that students don't have access to the reliable internet connection which online courses rely heavily on and as such, it becomes a challenge to catch up with their fellow virtual classmates. With these, their learning experience becomes one colossal nightmare. What's even worse you find that some students don't own computers and only seek technical assistance in Learning Resource Centers. Well, it's always nice for a student to know precisely what kind of technical support they need before enrolling to a particular then equip themselves adequately to complete the course successfully.

How Software Development can Help Provide Long-Lasting Solutions

It's no secret that software systems are transforming the education sector rapidly. Not long ago, we would only think of the traditional classrooms where student's physical presence in an educational institution determined how much knowledge they would acquire. Now with advancements in software and technology at large making information readily available is not only comfortable but has also changed the way students receive education and how various institutions teach their students. Living in a modern setting requires the education sector to move in the same direction, and nothing does it much better than e-learning.

At this technological error, one does not always have to travel miles and miles away to pursue a particular course. Software development has made it much easier to get educated from the comfort of your living room. Accessing information has never been any easier. The following is the impact of software development to the education sector;

Enables easier provision of information

Easier access to information is arguably the most prominent way that software development has changed how we perceive the education sector. With technology, students get to research information and obtain answers to different matters instantly. Days are gone when people had to be confined in a classroom to have any learning take place. With various software, students can access all the information they need from the comfort of their homes, at work, or even while commuting. It's no secret that software has wholly reduced the time taken to share and implement new ideas as well as enhance the efficiency of passing knowledge to students. Also, there are apps specifically designed to enable more natural learning for students, whereby they can access all the information they need regarding a particular course. This is all thanks to software development.

Provides free learning

With software development, people that can’t afford to pay for education fees should not feel limited by any chance since they can access all the information they need and learn about just anything. The software allows interested parties to access mobile apps, video tutorials, and free online courses from where people can quickly learn a new skill or obtain knowledge on any topic they find worthy. Software development has changed how we gain education entirely and with a fast-changing world, its only for the better. It's, therefore, possible to learn about a wide range of issues irrespective of the student's financial status. All that matters is the zeal and determination one puts to acquiring the knowledge.

Helps create an exciting learning environment

When it comes to online courses, there is nothing more important than keeping the students engaged. Considering this is not the traditional classroom where practitioners get to supervise the learners, making sure the learners remain active determines how much they benefit from the platform. Software development plays a crucial role in getting the students to have a state of the art learning experience. As a student, you never want to be unable to access some information that you badly need or incur difficulties with pursuing your online course. The software makes everything more comfortable, and you don't have to be a tech expert to carry out all the necessary activities that you need for your program.

Has enabled streamlining of admin systems

Online courses are way different from those that students take from traditional classrooms. With this one, everything is done with technology, and it's very crucial to manage student’s records, courses, how active the learners are as well as their progress and occasional reports. Software development plays a significant role in ensuring no information sleeps through the window. Furthermore, it could mean the difference between whether the students get to graduate or not. With a streamlined admin system, everything is well-accounted for, and learning can proceed without any difficulties.

By providing cloud-based applications

There's nothing more important than managing the students, curriculums, and assessments. Thanks to software development that provides cloud-based applications all these is catered for. Online courses are not by any chance, easy. They require a well-functioning system that does not have any loopholes unless the institution is prepared to lose crucial data. Learning online entails having classes at particular times where the learners tune in to get their lectures. Without cloud-based applications, it would be a nightmare to synchronize all the activities for the various online courses.

Guarantees modern education

Software systems have encouraged tech-based learning. The time when studying was restricted to classrooms, and without that, one could not get a quality education is long gone. Now thanks to software development, there is a dynamic delivery of content, and it has led to significant improvement in education quality. We like to refer this to individually-paced learning where every student can acquire knowledge in a way that is convenient for them.

By facilitating online group collaboration

With software development, it has become increasingly possible to have group studies without necessarily being physically together. There are online collaboration platforms that enable things to be done much more comfortable. Here, not only can the students discuss and chat, but they also get to share documents, files, and notes that make their learning experience very desirable. If for instance, a student is assigned a group project, this feature becomes increasingly favorable for them and provides them with an excellent option to get work done.

Challenges in Maintaining Data Manually

Data maintenance is an invaluable tool for any institution. These days, with everything getting digitalized, there isn't much error. However, any organization that opts to maintain their data manually it becomes a very daunting task since you have to keep track of a wide range of information from employee paychecks to other issues like products list or the services offered. Employing a manual data maintenance system is subject to causing setbacks, frustrations, and other problems that may not be favorable to your business. So what are the challenges that arise as a result of maintaining data manually?

Loss of data

When you opt to maintain your data manually, you are at risk of losing tonnes of valuable information. This is because you will have some records in hard copies, some of which can be misplaced. It's hard to retrieve data that’s already lost.

Human error

Manual data maintenance relies heavily on the employees' efficiency, and these are not machines. Sometimes the workers get exhausted, distracted, and emotional and occasionally work in speeds that cannot allow them to execute their tasks to the best of their ability. All of these factors negatively affect data maintenance. Also, there are other human errors like misinterpretation, whereby the employees see some data, and their brain interprets it entirely differently, bringing a different meaning.


Humans are nowhere near the pace that machines operate with. No matter how fast employees type, process data, or think, speed will always be an issue. It's hard to maintain the same pace throughout the entire workday. As opposed to a machine, human's performance hugely depends on the time of the day. At some point, they will be tired and distracted or not just motivated to work at their best. Such times they become very slow and only cover a fraction of the work assigned to them. Speed becomes an issue, and that's why computers come in. Their speed is almost constant and doesn't vary from time to time. They are reliable in executing relevant tasks.

High costs

Maintaining data manually often require an institution to hire many employees, some of whom are not always available and usually cost too much. Engaging full-time data maintenance staff needs the business to set aside funds to pay for their services. These expenses pose a real challenge to many organizations considering there is a digital solution that requires just a few employees.

Custom Software Development for Education

The education sector is rapidly growing, and several custom software solutions are tailored to meet the needs of a rapidly growing industry. Software development allows the creation and development of applications that enable the education sector to utile the full power of the web and mobile technology. Different institutions have varying needs, and coming up with a custom software pays big time. You want something that will enable the learning process to proceed as smoothly as possible. The following contains the importance of custom software development;

Allows an organization to have tailor-made software that meets all its needs

Sometimes, organizations decide to purchase off-the-shelf software, but they don't meet the needs of the organization adequately. With custom software, an institution is guaranteed that it will meet all its requirements. The education sector is ever-changing and keeping in touch with the latest trends, and implementing them determines how well activities will proceed.

It's cost-effective

Custom software development can be expensive at first since you are getting something tailored to meet your needs. However, over time, they have proved beneficial in the long-run. What's even better is that with custom software, you don't require a constant change to align it with your institution. It's something that you can use for a long time without significant investment.

Prevents external threats

With technology growing each day rapidly, there come related hazards as well in the name of hacking and potential malware. The education industry is quite delicate, and the last thing you need is hackers exploiting known software vulnerabilities. Custom software helps eradicate this problem since only you and the developers will know the weaknesses in your system. Also, you can go ahead and have them fixed.


The best thing with custom software development is that it enables you to come up with something that can operate with software packages that are already present in your institution. Unlike off-the-shelf software packages, custom ones interact with your system perfectly so that none of your activities are compromised. This way, you can avoid errors, and employees get to complete their tasks effectively.


With custom software, you are not limited to what you can develop. Also, custom software can grow as the institution grows. Its versatility is overwhelming such that if you feel your needs are not met, you can add additional plugins on top of your boxed solution. It’s exactly what every organization needs to remain in touch with changing trends.

Importance of Good CRM

Customer relationship is one of the most crucial aspects of any institution, not only in the digital age but also in other areas. Its relevance cannot be underestimated. Several reasons trigger the use of CRM software since for every institution customer relationship is an essential aspect. Everyone wants to figure out the best way they can implement a functional CRM. We understand the importance of e-learning, and we strive to provide nothing but the best for our students.

We use our team’s diverse expertise to meet a wide range of needs from different educational groups by making use of a professional and user-engaging web as well as mobile services. We are all about providing a flexible learning experience for students and not making their life more difficult than it already is. Our institution understands how crucial our network is. The following is how good CRM helps in improving performance;

Helps in creating a bond with existing customers

Establishing a relationship with your existing customers plays a crucial role in getting them to remain loyal and not having to get them again like new traffic. Having a good bond with our clients increases the chances of them subscribing to other online courses or telling their friends about our services. Making customers feel welcome goes a long way in developing some loyalty towards your brand.

Provides a comprehensive customer history

The best thing with a CRM system is that it gives the whole history of customer trend as well as their habits. The information acquired is crucial in the analysis of different needs and tendencies of specific users. With that, you can, therefore, know clearly what to offer them with. Being able to meet the needs of all your clients helps you to acquire even better numbers since they are satisfied with the quality of service. Also, with CRM, you can access records of your leads and contacts and reach out to them whenever you want to. What's even better you will never lose your leads.

A functional CRM helps acquire new customers

An excellent CRM system is not only resourceful in dealing with existing customers but has proved to be crucial in the acquisition of new ones over the years. The process involves first identifying a customer, then maintaining all the corresponding details on the CRM system. From there, each and everyone's needs are addressed adequately so that no one feels left out. In e-learning, for instance, we acknowledge how difficult it is to dedicate time and follow online courses to completion. We've devised a forum where every student feels comfortable and can enjoy a unique learning experience that helps them attain all their goals.

Ensures provision of the required services

One of the advantages of a CRM system is that not only does it preserve the purchase history but also the complete customer details such that you can come later on to check what people want and provide it to them. The data provided by the CRM system is always comprehensive and analyzing it well, will enable you to figure out what customers need, and that will enable you to present the right thing when it's needed. You can never go wrong with the information provided by a CRM system. It's not something that you will be taking chances and hopes all goes well.

It’s cost-effective

The strongest part of proper customer relationship management is that it saves on cost. With a CRM system, there is less need for paper and manual work. As a result, you will need lesser staff to manage all the work, and you will also have few resources to deal with. Likewise, the technologies used in a CRM system implementation are quite affordable and run as smoothly as you could imagine. Having a CRM system is not an investment that will require you to spend massive amounts of cash.

Crucial in conversion probability optimization

With a CRM system, it becomes easy to track down when a customer is more likely to visit a particular site and make a purchase. You will also be able to know at what time a specific product or service will have the highest demand within a particular area. The best thing is that the CRM system takes of anything g else after that especially in terms of optimizing conversions for you. Having in mind already about your clients' preferences, you will save time since you won't have to research and collect data about what it is that your customers are looking for. With all this information, you can always be a step ahead, such that by the time your rival is figuring out what consumers need, you already have the answers and are ready to meet their demands.

Facilitates the expansion of an institution

There is nothing more important in this era than having a good reputation. A CRM system helps you in all aspects that enable you to perform with perfection and be prompt without having any delays at all. Your brand image will be brilliant, and people will be able to look at your organization as one of the most effective the market has to offer. Likewise, your team will also be the best, and all this is thanks to the software system you've opted to use. A CRM system will ensure whatever you are dealing with flourishes.

Education is a hot topic, and nothing is more potent in today's world than having extensive knowledge on different or a specific field. Acquiring skills has become a way to step up and be recognized in society. This is precisely why we started Lucenta solutions. We aim at providing a comprehensive e-learning solution that meets the needs of all our students.

We understand that times are changing and that’s why we are always looking to make use of the latest technology trends in all our platforms. Our goal is to provide a holistic virtual learning environment either in the form of various websites, or mobile apps as well where thousands of students can gain access to online courses from any device anywhere across the globe. We are focused on making education more accessible and readily available to anyone willing to gain knowledge in a particular field. Our e-learning techniques deliver results and have proven successful so far. The efficiency offered by our program is one that every student would be proud of. Subscribe with us today and turn your dreams into a reality.