How we started on Podio

This all get started in around 2014, we were investigating some platform and evaluating couple of CRM to meet our client needs and we found Podio. After looking on all the things which Podio provides we thought to give it a try and after that we do not able to stop ourself using Podio. This is how we started and later we build a product based on Podio called 'Insights for Podio'.

Insights for Podio is a tool that provides the user both a high level and granular view of the workspace, application structure, and metadata of their Podio platform. It offers the user a detailed visual overview of the health of their Podio system and includes the following insights:.

  • Shows the calculations in a user friendly way, so that you can see which apps, items or relationships you have used in calculations
  • Shows field dependency graphs, which helps with complex systems built around Podio and hard to create manual dependency graphs
  • When the system has errors, this solution will help visualize where the error is happening, allowing for a faster error resolution
  • Identifies if a field was deleted and the field is still being used in calculations
  • Identifies if a field has been renamed and the previous name is being used in calculations
  • Gives you a visual reference if a field is used anywhere in the platform before deleting it, making it easier to fix the original calculations before deleting the field

We are Podio preferred partner and having team of experts on Podio. We have worked on creating couple of business systems development/CRMs which involves a greater level of complexity to integrate Podio app, workflows and 3rd party integrations. Few of the domains as below which we have developed so far using Podio/Globiflow and other 3rd party api integrations.

CRMs developed for following domains

Finance Management

  • Complete management system to manage clients/employees and services for CPAs
  • Integration with RightSignature
  • Tracking of charges and payments
  • Invoice Generation
  • Timesheet management
  • employee monthly charge calculation, bonus and payment handlings
  • Reports for each employee/client lifetime earning/billings
  • consolidated report to see all incoming and outgoing cash based on month, also consolidated year wise

Lucenta Team integrated Right Signature and Share File with Podio for us. They have created customized apps for Leads, Clients, Times Sheet, Billing, Invoice, Payments, Calendar, HR, and numerous other apps that we need in our CPA practice.Hence they have automated our leads generation process, billing process, client's management, employee recruitment and time sheet process. I am very satisfied with their work.

Shams - SK Financial

Education system

  • Define courses across different locations
  • Assign tutors to each course
  • Lead/Sales management
  • Student Course stats/Exams/Results management
  • Finance management and forecasting on estimated earning/expenditures
  • Generating professional PDF documents using webmerge

Lucenta Solutions is one of the best Podio development shops we got to know so far. If you need professional Podio work combined with high quality, this is the place to go. Even other related JavaScript projects in Node are handled at the same quality. The agile SCRUM methodology they use internally fits perfectly in our own agile environment.

Marc Bachmann - CTO karriere tutor GmbH

Inventory Management

  • Adding the product/locations
  • Tracking the purchase/sales and transfer between locations
  • consolidated report to show current stock in hand of each product at different locations
  • consolidated report to show how much purchase/sales done in selected period of time

We love lucenta solutions, and we want to have them and their curated team work with us to grow a great and prosperous partnership, we want them to get very busy servicing hundreds of clients on our platform!

Karl - Nirvana Business System

Marketing campaigns/Customer communication

  • creating the campaign and scheduling to send using mail/sms
  • sending the reminder mails before any sale/offer starts
  • if customer send any mail then creation of podio item automatically
  • replying/followup with the customer from the item itself

Real Estate

  • Lead/Campaign and Funnel implementation
  • Sending postcard/letter via Lob, Click2Mail
  • Worked on fetching data from different auction sites, property appraiser sites and pushed them to Podio.
  • Created scripts for fetching google images, formatted address and other property data and pushed them to Podio.
  • Setup the automation workflows for the leads and sales.
  • We have also worked on creating custom reports for tracking leads, sales for a period of time.
  • Campaigns/Funnel and social profile management

Lead Management

  • Contact and Lead Management
  • Campaigns and Funnel Management
  • Auto Followup with them using Email/SMS/Voicemail/Postcards
  • Fetching Social and complete user profile information using minimal information
  • Setup the automation workflows for the leads and sales.

Customer Relationship Management

  • It includes basic features of Lead Management but also it includes few additional features
  • Pulling property information and images from third party systems based on a Property address
  • Agreement signing with Sellers and Buyers
  • Closing Deals
  • Different report tracking for Leads/Signed Contracts/Expenses etc

Lead Generation

  • we scrapped a lot of websites like Public Auctions and Property Appraiser sites and pushed to 3rd party systems like Podio, Salesforce, and custom other systems
  • We integrated a few third party systems to search for leads

Apart from these we have worked on API integrations with third parties like

  • Xero to enable two way sync for contacts/invoices and payments.
  • Created charts using Podio and Klipfolio to visualize the data
  • Zapier integrations:
    • Mailchimp integration using the Zapier
    • Parsing the mails and pushing data to Podio using zapier
    • pushing data from spreadsheet to Podio
    • Created custom zaps on zapier to support Podio integrations based on client requirements.
  • We have written couple of custom integrations to push data from podio to client system and client system to Podio. These integrations we have done majorly using NodeJS, Java and PHP.

"Podio" is a registered trademark of Citrix Systems Inc.