We deliver better business outcomes using Salesforce systems.
People first, then process and finally technology.We know that people and processes are the essential elements of running great businesses.lucentasolutions consultants help our clients to align the Salesforce platforms with teams and processes to achieve great results. Our focus is always on the business outcomes rather than looking at Salesforce implementations as a purely technical exercise.
Our clients typically challenge us to help them with issues such as,

1 Create a standardised and repeatable sales process, with reports and automated updates for the salespeople
2 Refocus marketing activity and budget so that the sales team receive greater volumes of sales-qualified leads
3 Run customer service on a bespoke platform where your customers and partner can create a support request over any channel, and where your support agents can access the data they need from a single screen
4 Integrate multiple systems so that users have a 360-degree view of customers, without having to switch between application windows.

We can help you with that, and more.--lucentasolutions is an affirmed Salesforce master counseling firm. We work with organizations to help them configuration, alter and incorporate Salesforce frameworks. Our group are Salesforce-confirmed designers and advisors, and Agile-affirmed venture directors.

Uniqueness of Salesforce Implementation Service


1 Collect prerequisites
2 Understand vision and objectives
3 Study on existing practices and working examples
4 Define change needs of existing examples
5 Design implementation system

SaaS and Cloud Computing

1 Provide SaaS based arrangements
2 Optimum utilization of cloud computing
3 Access to framework with whenever, anyplace approach

Data Migration

1 Understand need of data migration
2 Comprise of data expulsion, purging, de-duplication, adjustment and verification and import to Salesforce
3 Cover supplanting or redesigning servers or capacity hardware, moving data to outsider, cloud suppliers, site combination foundation support and so on.


1 Support your business-basic frameworks
2 Easy integration of ERP applications, advertising robotization programming, money related programming, call focus programming and some more

Support assistance

1 Assist in progressing upkeep and enhancements
2 Offer moderate and solid support administrations

In addition to all these, here are some more benefits that come along by employing Salesforce in the organizational culture-

Customer Information- When you use Salesforce, you can, without any additional effort, look at every individual account, contact, task, event, and opportunity that’s tied to a lead, which provides your organization a lot of information before approaching potential customers. All the data is well organized, therefore there is no trouble in creating capabilities.

Account Planning- This is essentially helpful for service-based businesses which has lots of customers who subscribe to different packages or plans. If you observe that you’ve spent too much time on a client for what that client spends, your company can adjust accordingly.

Time Management- You have all the information that is essential for prioritizing work for your clients, and that means you can also organize projects for different accounts according to that same criteria. Additionally, you can spend your saved time in creating the capabilities which can further become competencies.