Do you “love what you do” or do you “do what you love”?

We do what we love, because love made us work hard to be able to know and do everything we know and do today. We also can say we love what we do because we get to appreciate what we do, a little bit more, every single day. We still hungry for more knowledge and more work.

In Lucenta Solutions we compromise in building and sharing our vision and passion with the world, helping other companies that are doing what they love to keep loving what they do.

Lucenta Solutions takes care in providing every client with the services and consulting they need to fulfill their requirements and needs. As an outsourced we take pride in working side-by-side with our clients, learning and teaching everything we can to make the most out of the experience and, again... to keep doing what we love and loving what we do.

We concept and craft delightful solutions. We love new challenges/projects and we thrive at those. Lucenta Solutions is a trusted partner in providing application development, system integrations and solutions.

Our team of expert engineers is focused on the latest technologies across the major platforms. We’re no strangers to large architectures, third-party integrations and working side-by-side with our clients. Our team has a major experience in web, app design and development. All of our projects are tailored to customers’ specific requirements and needs.

Team at Lucenta Solutions follows three basic mantras – Dedication, Passion and Teamwork which are practiced in complete spirit.

Our Service

Our team implements innovative solutions while using the latest technologies in order to achieve client’s satisfaction. Our technology team is well versed in modern software development, including but certainly not limited to:

Application development

API Integrations


Node JS

Web Development

API Development


CRM Design

Responsive Web



Marc Bachmann – CTO karriere tutor GmbH

Lucenta Solutions is one of the best Podio development shops we got to know so far. If you need professional Podio work combined with high quality, this is the place to go. Even other related JavaScript projects in Node are handled at the same quality. The agile SCRUM methodology they use internally fits perfectly in our own agile environment.

Shams - SK Financial

Lucenta solutions has automated our leads generation process, billing process, client’s management, employee recruitment and time sheet process using Podio and GlobiFlow. They also integrated Right Signature and Share File with Podio for us. I would recommend the team for any software development or customization project.

Shams - The Auctionary

Lucenta solutions worked on creating real estate listing website for us. The listings data is extracted from numerous county websites and other sources. This project included numerous challenges, which team resolved very diligently. I would recommend the team for any software development or customization project.

Karl - Nirvana Business System

We love lucenta solutions, and we want to have them and their curated team work with us to grow a great and prosperous partnership, we want them to get very busy servicing hundreds of clients on our platform!

Greg Smargiassi - Founder – OURCFO

Bajarang and the team at Lucenta Solutions have been great to work with. They have understood our needs and have been able to add value to the way our business operates. They have been responsive, accommodating and professional in their dealings with us and we are glad to have them as part of our extended team. I have no hesitation in recommending Lucenta Solutions.

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